Find out more about BRISTOL NOISE charity
Bristol Noise charity's vision is 'showing God's love in practical ways' in urban estates across Bristol.
We see this broken down in three ways -
Serving Community – no strings attached, free service

Serving Community

- no strings attached, free service
The Noise is committed to serving in urban estate communities in Bristol. We partner with community members, workers, organisations, and churches, to help meet real and local needs. We don’t ask for anything in return!
Building Unity

Building Unity

- within and across ‘the church’
Bristol has so many awesome churches, full of great people who love this city. We want to involve and engage all types of people from all types of churches.
Encouraging Discipleship

Encouraging Discipleship

– how did Jesus do it?
The Noise weekend is an opportunity for volunteers to work out their faith in a really practical way. We want to encourage volunteers to put the ‘theory’ into practice, to get out and love others like Jesus did.